Okay, I give!

I wasn’t going to do it.  Nope.  Not give it the time of day. But come on, people, this Britney Spears stuff is bullshit.

I sit here watching Nancy Grace (I know, I know) and she’s going ‘in depth’ on this latest Brit-Brit news.  *sigh*

As far as I am concerned, there are no excuses here.  If she is mentally ill, well, in my opinion, she’s done it to herself with the lifestyle she’s led.  She’s done this in spite of the fact she has beautiful children she has done a terrible disservice to.  As far as the Papparazzi goes, yeah, they’re obnoxious, but she didn’t have to call them and let them know where she was going to be, either.  And people, PLEASE, stop with the Princess Di comparisons.  That goes all over me to hear that.

And Lynne Spears writing a child-rearing book?  Seriously?  Hello?!  Do I have to even write the reasons this is so ridiculous?

Tragedy?  Well, yes, because what she’s done to herself, what her family allowed to happen to her, the feeding of her perpetual need for any attention, the worse the better, and the fact that her babies don’t deserve to be dragged through this crap.   They didn’t ask for this.  If anyone needs compassion or sympathy, it’s those two little boys. 

And speaking of innocent children and the mistreatment there of, What the hell?  The toddler thrown off a bridge into freeway traffic last week, the four children thrown off a bridge into a river, the baby in Houston found on the side of a road…not to mention the countless others we don’t hear about.

How can people who do this heinous business have the ability to reproduce?  How fair is it that they can, and Mr. Man and I can’t? 

It breaks my heart.


3 Comments on “Okay, I give!”

  1. Ms. Karen says:

    The media attention given to this debacle (and all the others like it) is just wrong. Lynn Spears writing a child rearing book? Oh, yeah! Oh! Oh! And Jamie Lynn? Wanting to keep her baby to raise it in a NORMAL home…? say WHAAAA…?

    I look at all the children that aren’t wanted, but the parents refuse to give them up for adoption because they’re afraid the kid will be hurt.

    Um, hello? Giving a child a loving home is not hurting anyone. Why is adoption looked at in such a manner? “Oh, I could never give up my baby.” Ok, so you’d rather subject your child to a lifetime of neglect? Neat-o!

    I hate it when wonderful people like you and Mr. Man cannot have children, while wretched creatures pop them out and throw them away, literally.

    Sorry, it’s a hot button. I should probably go lie down for a while. Or is it lay down…?

    Don’t get me started on how the media says things like “Brit-Brit” and “Pair-Pair” (for Paris Hilton). Seriously? That’s as bad as “sammies” for sandwiches… oh, jeeze, here I go again…. Sorry… and EVOO???!!! What the h…? Just STOP IT! ARGH!!!

    I go now. Bye.

  2. desperatewriter says:

    Thanks for commiserating, Ms. Karen!

  3. Selma says:

    Back in the day when I was an early childhood teacher I used to witness addicts and alcoholics popping out kids like there was no tomorrow(I worked in a very rough area) and as soon as they were able, putting them in child care so they could spend more time at the pub or buying drugs. Despite having actual parents, these kids had no one who truly CARED for them. It was upsetting then; it’s even more upsetting when you see someone like Britney Spears who really should know better, carrying on the same way. For God’s sake, Britney, grow up and think about your kids. It’s shameful!

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