Domingo Delicioso #33

Are you ever in a bad mood, a really bad mood, and you don’t know why? 

Welcome to my day. Well, my day yesterday, anyway.

I didn’t even know I was  in a  bad mood until I bit off my MIL’s head.  Granted, I know what irritated  me, but my reaction was way over the top.  I apologized.  But from that moment on, BLEAH.  I realized it wasn’t just the thing with MIL.  I was just in a lousy mood all over. greenchile.jpggreenchile.jpg

greenchile.jpgMr. Man was a sweetie.  He was in a shopping mood (not BUYING, just shopping) so he suggested we go to Lowes and look around.  We found all sorts of stuff to daydream about.  Then we went to the PT Cruiser meeting, and danged if I didn’t lapse into that bad mood.   Plus, MIL  and I got crosswise again. This time, it was her deal.  So I guess that made us even.  I suppose.

The car club ended the evening by going out to eat, as we usually do.  We went to a neat little place called Green Chile Willy’s.  It was pretty good.  I don’t think  I’ll crave going there, but I wouldn’t object to going again. I think the name is cute!  But that darned bad mood….it was so weird.  Another one of its traits was that everything and everyone seemed way too loud.  Sounds like I’m making it a character of it’s own, doesn’t it?  Well, it was some weird entity that possessed me.  It’s not even PMS.

Mr. Man and I took off to Mom’s store, and when we sw here there, we learned she planned to go to OKC to see Brother, SisM and Toddler.  So we then went to WalMart and picked out some neat Valentine’s goodies, and made Toddler a little surprise Mom could take with her.  Mr. Man found the softest, cutest Teddy bear! Imagining Toddler opening her treats was the ultimate cure.

So what do you do when the Big Bad Mood comes to call?



Ah, Ms. Karen, you’ll be fine!  Think of all the fun  you’ll have when you get there.  Oh, and I’m SO glad FB#3 is ok!


The words that I put out on these pages are straight out of my heart.  They are unscripted and unedited.  They are my truth, my opinions and my thoughts.  They are sometimes disordered, sometimes raw and sometimes funny.  Whatever the words are at the time that I write them, they are me.

Right-O, Lady Shanny! Nothing like public anonymity. Kinda.  A few people who read this know me. Most don’t.  And listen, don’t be so hard on yourself about the other stuff. Feel better soon!


One of the most wonderful things about spending Christmas in Florida was wandering through Borders or Barnes and Noble. Amazon’s a great resource but nothing beats being in a store with 100,000 books and knowing that you’re bound to find something fabulous and amazing.

I know, Gabrielle.  When I considered getting my second job there, a buzzer went off in my head: DANGER DANGER DANGER.  I’d never have made a profit! Sounds like you found some good ones!


Raindrops coat the windows, tendrils of crystal. The grass has sprung to attention, greener than freshly picked limes. I imagine wellington boots squeaking upon it or ducks sashaying with pleasure. The earth blooms, sighs with relief after months of drought. If you could see it you would only feel happy when it rains. If you could see the clouds hanging like half-ripe fruit you would feel your heart begin to sing: It’s raining again. At long last.

Ahhh…Selma.  Beautiful.  As always.


7. I have 4 children. Two are grown, two are little. If I’d had my way we would never used birth control at all and now we’d have a dozen. However, I am finally, at 44, getting to the age where I no longer lament not being pregnant.

Ahh, Groovy…the if onlys.  If only I’d felt the desire to be pregnant sooner, I may not be childless now.


Craig Ferguson, I’m very proud you passed your citizenship test, and took your Oath of Allegiance.  Congratulations! And good luck hosting the press event in D.C. with President Bush!


2 Comments on “Domingo Delicioso #33”

  1. Ms. Karen says:

    Ah, yes, the “for no reason” bad mood… I’ve had those days. It’s hard to say what’s worse, the mood, or how you feel the next day when you realize how cranky you were to people you care about. Thankfully, those moods don’t happen all the time and our loved ones tend to be forgiving.

    Especially when the apology is accompanied by chocolate or a foot massage.

    Good post, DW!

  2. Selma says:

    I often get that bad mood for no reason feeling. I think it’s just tiredness a lot of the time – we are all so busy these days. How I would love to go to Green Chile Willy’s. It sounds awesome! Thinking about it just cheers me up.

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