The Beast is Back!

Don’t you hate those days when The Beast Within escapes and makes life miserable for whoever you deem has crossed you?  Mine came out today.  Admittedly, I’ve been running with all cylinders firing lately.  The two jobs…feeling like what I have called my primary career for 25 years dwindling to an end with a whimper, knowing that we have so much to do around the house that I feel overwhelmed and end up not doing anything at all.  Trying to catch up, only to fall about 20 steps behind again. I’ve felt a simmering impatience just beneath the surface for about a week now. 


Too much on my plate?

My imagination?

I don’t know.



2 Comments on “The Beast is Back!”

  1. Selma says:

    I feel exactly the same way. So much to do. Not enough time. Feeling like a loser for focussing on things that have ended up going nowhere. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes all you can do is sigh and say :”C’est la vie!”

  2. I’m too flu fatigued to fly off the handle. I just sit and stare. But hey, I did manage to clean one disgusting bathroom yesterday…

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