Double Ack!

They could have at least PhotoShopped out my double chin!


6 Comments on “Double Ack!”

  1. Ms. Karen says:

    That’s a great picture, and how cool that you got a write-up in the paper (with a picture, no less!). The article was good, and it reminded me that my hairdresser counts more on my support when times are lean. Unfortunately, they’re lean for us, and an expensive day at the salon just isn’t in our budget. Still, I should do something to help her…

    During these lean times, I try to support my local small businesses as much as possible, because I want them to be around when the economy comes back from vacation.

    Good job, April.

  2. I think you look nice! And quite serious about that haircut, which will surely be good for business…

  3. That’s a great story and picture of you (even though I’ve never seen you before), but just remember that we’re always more critical of ourselves.

    Also, I love the new look on the blog.

  4. desperatewriter says:

    Thanks, y’all! I was doing some serious cutting, the client really needed it! But the guy caught me as I was talking. I guess, with me, he didn’t have much choice! 😛

  5. I thought the pic and article were GREAT!

    If they caught me “at work” there’d be no make-up or curls or nice nails. The camera would probably break!

  6. Selma says:

    The article just highlights how hard it is for people to make ends meet these days. You look great, by the way.

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