Where have I been?

Well, In Toddlerland, of course!

SisM and Brother generously offered to let us take Toddler with us to the family reunion, since they couldn’t get the time off from work.  We got to visit with all three of them, in shifts…SisM drove Toddler over last Wednesday, and this Wednesday, Brother came to pick her up and drive her home.  It was great to see them, but not nearly long enough! 

The week between, Mr. Man and I took Toddler and our two pups to San Angelo/Robert Lee to the family reunion. We met Mom there, as well as UncleB and AuntD.  The reunion seemed way too short this year, and there were too many people missing. Those, like Granny and JC and AuntL, who have passed.  People who couldn’t get out of prior commitments.  People who were ill.  Still, we enjoyed each other in our little church hall in our little town. 

Toddler was excited to be on an adventure.  She is learning about jokes.  And she knows one.  One. 


“Who’s there?”


“Boo who?”

“Aww, don’t cry.”

I tried this:


“Who’s there?”


“Orange who?”

“Orange you glad I didn’t tell you not to cry?”

Like I said, she’s just getting the hang of it.  The “orange” didn’t connect as a substitute for “aren’t you” so various other objects like tables, chairs, and other nouns took the place of honor.  But we laughed anyway, because it was so silly.  There was another little funny…

“What do you call a bunch of ducks in a cardboard square?”

“A Quacker Box!”

*sigh*  How cute is that?

Toddler is a good little traveler.  And Mr. Man and I got our first  “Are we there yet?”  but only once.  The rest was

“How many minutes till we get there?” 

“About a hundred million.”


It was a paci-dropping moment.  At three and a half, Toddler is only up to counting to twenty.  Oh, and she remembered the name of the street where our hotel was, the number of our room, and the number of Grandma’s room. Consistently.  All weekend.  BRILLIANT.  Our baby is brilliant.  BUT attached to that pacifier.  But she only uses it when she’s intent on sleeping, or having a major meltdown.  Along with her blankie and pillow. 

Heck, *I* have a blankie and pillow.   And I guess Diet Coke and chocolate are my paci.

(On that note, I think I’ll skip talking about how my Weight Watchers meeting went today.)

As for potty stops, we didn’t have many, surprisingly.  And I can be blamed for those. 🙂  Once, in an Allsups in Lamesa, Toddler and I were in a stall . . .

“We make a good team, Toddler.  What would we do without each other?”

“Um, go to the potty by ourselves?”

Yeah.  I guess so. That little gem earned a snort and giggle from the stall next door!

Can’t often put one over on the kid either. 

“Eat the cereal in the bowl on the table, Toddler.  It’s still good.”  (She likes hers dry.)

“Noooo-ooo.  I want the cereal out of the box.”

“That cereal in the bowl is perfectly good.”




“Toddler, I know you just want more marshmallows.  So eat the cereal in the bowl already, first.”

“YOU eat it!” She offers it up to me.

At a stand off, I grab up a few pieces and pop them into my mouth.  The humidity has made them stale.  YUCK. 

“You’re right,”  I admit. ” Let’s get you some more.”

“Yeah.”  She’s a happy camper, and doesn’t hold a grudge or brag.

So much more fun to tell with her, but I’ll save it for another time.

No new news on the Foster front.  Just waiting for the call for our home studies.

Right now, I’m catching up on a few things– Oh, and I’ve learned to Twitter too!  Do YOU Twitter?



2 Comments on “Where have I been?”

  1. Ms. Karen says:

    Yay Toddler! (and I LOVED that bathroom story… too funny)

    I’m glad you had a good time and a nice visit with the little one.

  2. Selma says:

    I love it when the little ones tell the Knock-Knock jokes, especially when they make up their own and they’re not actually funny. Toddler is an absolute darling. More Toddler stories please…..

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