Weird Day

Today was a weird day all over.  It wasn’t just me. My co-workers at the market were having a weird day, too.  Was it the uncharacteristic humidity? Hellooooo Dolly!  Remnants  of the hurricane that hit the Rio Grande Valley snuck in the back door through New Mexico, flooding Ruidoso, and delivering always welcome rain to our area.  ANYWAY, today was just WEIRD.

Maybe Mercury was in retrograde, like the girl in the checkstand next to me suggested.  I wouldn’t know, I don’t follow astrology, other than reading my horoscope for fun. 

I have no idea. Pfft.

Talked to Realtor today, she already has a hint of a nibble on our house. Actually, she has a guy who’s pre-qualified for a loan in our range.  She said she was going to mention us to him. It kinda makes it more real. More scary.

Change.  Scary.  Exciting. Sad. Happy. Worried.


Got the storage space rented. Scary.

Screwed myself today.  Gas price was down 20 cents.  Excited.  Picked up wrong pump, premium instead of regular and still paid 3.99 a gallon.


Egghead from Rice University believes granite contains cancer-causing radiation. (Radon gas.)  Other eggheads sneer at the suggestion of danger.  As do, surprise, granite-selling people. Possible new house has granite counter tops.  DW is KEEPING the granite countertops. 

QUESTION: If the radiation from radon gas causes cancer, why to they prescribe radiation to FIGHT cancer?  I’m sure there’s a convoluted scientific reason. Just wondering…


We don’t even HAVE the house yet.  But things regarding the fostering and new house idea have been going so smoothly SO FAR.  You know, I believe if it wasn’t meant to be, something would happen to turn us in a different direction.  It still may.  But I am trying to be optimistic.

I suppose this is what is called a ‘leap  of faith.’

5 Comments on “Weird Day”

  1. Ms. Karen says:

    Wait just a big, hairy minute missy! You paid 3.99 for PREMIUM???

    We have to pay 4.19 for the CHEAP stuff. I always get the midgrade and I end up paying something in the four-twenty range.

    Diesel is over 5.00 in places around Seattle.

    What really hurts? When I was in high school, it was .50 per gallon. Man, you could go FAR on five bucks.

  2. desperatewriter says:

    Yes, but regular is what I usually buy, and it was down to $3.79.

    I’m in Texas, ya know, closer to the oil. 🙂 Maybe if they’d open up drilling in Alaska, yours would go down! 🙂

  3. Jenny says:

    LOVE the new header for your site–cute Dodger!

    There is something definitely in the air that’s different. Many weird happenings reported by friends and family. Strange energy.

  4. Selma says:

    Granite causes cancer! Now I’ve heard it all. I’m excited about the nibble on the house. That is brilliant.

  5. Well, of COURSE granite causes cancer. So does cottage cheese and silk and character socks and American Idol and sitting in front of a computer all day. (Fear not, I am making it all up because I am, inexplicably, in a weird mood.)

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