Under the influence…

…of some DARN fine maragritas! Yeppers, Mr. Man took us out to my FAVE restaurant, a Mexican place, and we indulged in some salsa and suds and shots. Just what we needed to unwind after a day of packing and hauling in near 100 degree heat. 

I should be sleeping, but I HAD to tell you about our news. 

We made an offer on a house!  Not one I’ve mentioned before, someone got to that one.  This one is even better.  It’s a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 formal dining and open kitchen/living/breakfast area.  I tell you, so far, the agent we are using as our buying agent (Yes, it’s a good idea to secure an agent to help you LOOK for a house, not just contacting one that is selling the one you want) has been a super-duper gal.  I don’t always hit it off with people when I first meet them, but I get good vibes from her. 

Anyway, this is the house we have picked out and offered for:

It’s only two years old, and comes with all the appliances.  It has a big backyard with a new fence, great lawn, and it has ROOM.  I tell ya, I love my house now, but I don’t know how we accumulated all this stuff and stored it here.  I thought when Mr. Man cleaned out his closet in the office that he’d get rid of a bunch of stuff, but NOOOOO. Good thing the new house has an attic that’s usable.

I can’t say much.  I’ve not rid myself of a LOT yet either, but I’ve still got to clean out MY closet. Ugh.  And I see some wall-washing and some painting to be done as well. Lovely.

We’e been praying that we follow God’s will for us, and not let our’s get in the way.  I think it was a positive sign that this realtor read us and led us to this house.  Another neat sign is that when we walked up to it, it had THE door I’ve been wanting for the front of my house FOREVER– one with a Texas star cut into the glass.  AND it had a fridge included nearly EXACTLY like one I’d been looking at the day before.

If somethings happens that we DON’T get this house, I’m going to be very confused.

For our current home, roofers come Monday morning.  I also have to call the plumber for a bathroom leak.  I think I should mow before Monday…GREAT. Just what I wanted to do.

More good news–VACATION STARTS THIS WEEK.  We are heading up to COLORADO. I hope it’s cooler up there, but I won’t hold my breath.  But we’ll be cruisin’ with about 200 other PT-ers all over the state again, like last year–except THIS time, we AREN’T traveling down any freakin’ gravel road for 60 miles. Not in Phantom Cruiser.

Our house sitter is going to cringe when they see the state we’re leaving the homestead. 

Poor poochies don’t know WHAT’S going on.  Dodger found some of Mr. Man’s old golf balls and is having  quite the time chasing it all around the house.  He’ll bat it around just like a kitty cat.  He loves the way it skitters across the hard floor. 

Ok, now I’m rambling.  WAAAYYYY past nighty-night.  Gotta work at the market tomorrow.  PFFT.

I’m blessed to have the job, and vacation is coming, vacation is coming…..


5 Comments on “Under the influence…”

  1. Selma says:

    I’m keeping everything possible crossed that you get that house. It looks brilliant. Enjoy your trip.

  2. Jessica says:

    What a beautiful home! Congratulations and I hope you get it, too!

  3. desperatewriter says:

    Thanks, y’all!

  4. Ms. Karen says:

    This is so lovely. If there weren’t people sleeping in my house right now, I’d do a teen-ish “squeeee” of delight.

    But I’m not a teen, and LOTM is sleeping, so… you’ll have to be satisfied with a whispered, “awesome!”

  5. The exterior is gorgeous! The interior looks roomy and pristine and wonderful. I DO hope you get it!

    Have fun on the PT outing!

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