Ooo, I’m gonna feel that…

Repairing wallpaper in bathroom.. slipped, fell front first, bending my back the wrong way.

Icing on the cake of my day.  Repairman blows me off.  Client forgets appointment (Guess I had that one coming.  I forgot someone the other day.)

It was so bad, Mr. Man gave me a hug right when he got home.  Not that he doesn’t love me, or isn’t sympathetic, but, well, he’s a guy.  Not to offer a solution right away, just to give me a hug without the, um, helpful “you shoulda…” advice…just a hug and a sympathetic gaze with no words.

He’s perfect.

3 Comments on “Ooo, I’m gonna feel that…”

  1. Ms. Karen says:

    Oh, I hate falling down. Well, at least I hate the landing part.

    I had a repairman do that to me once, and I was furious until I learned that the guy had gone to his first call of the day and things went south on him there. He’d gone to clean the ducts on a dryer, blew out the motor, and when he opened it up, found a nest of mice. He had a lot of wiring to replace. Still, a phone call would have been nice, you know?

    Yay for Mr. Man. Sometimes those husbands actually know when to shut up and just hug.

  2. desperatewriter says:

    Yeah, well, this repairman has been blowing me off for about a year and a half if not more. I think I’ve given him PLENTY benefit of the doubt. Grrrr…

    I wasn’t as sore today as I imagined I would be. Sore enough, though! All I want to do now is take a hot bath and go to bed. But I’m stalking my neighbor across the street, who asked if I had items to donate for her charity garage sale. I’m ready to unload, um, donate a bunch of stuff, but she keeps leaving home!

  3. Selma says:

    Aww, good on you, Mr. Man. Hope you continue to feel better.

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