In the eye of the storm…

…not that I’ve ever BEEN in a hurricane.  Literally, anyway.  Hurricane, tornado,  Cuisinart…that’s been our life lately.  As you’ve tolerated read in this blog lately.

I’ve always heard about that time in the middle of a hurricane when it gets calm after an initial blast, just before the second wave of circulating turbulence hits.  At the moment, we are resting in the eye of the storm. Before they next wave of moving out and unpacking all we’ve spent the last month packing.

Our house is the cleanest and most de-cluttered that it’s been since we’ve moved in.  All the laundry is caught up.  No dishes to wash.  No sweeping, vacuuming or bathroom scrubbing to be done.  The only thing I need to do today is get my Rt. 44 Diet Coke at Sonic and get my car inspection sticker, which has been expired for about a month. (oops.)  But that can wait until after The Young and the Restless.  I would say I don’t know what to do with myself, but that’s not true.  I know exactly what to do with myself.  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  No make-up.  No self-nagging.  I’ve got a good book to read, Twitter, and soaps, and I’ve got it made.

We have an interested buyer for our house.  ALREADY!  Thank goodness.  Now we have to wade through the loan papers for the house we have under contract.  Talk about confusing.

I thought I was going to blow my gourd Saturday afternoon when Realtor called and said she had another Realtor who wanted to show our house but her clients couldn’t see past our furniture to see the possibilities of our house, so could I move all the furniture out?

It was three p.m., and they wanted us to move all of our stuff out so they could show the house the next day.


We didn’t move all the furniture out, but we spent the next twelve hours doing more cleaning, painting and rearranging.  Mr. Man, bless his heart, worked SOOO hard. We managed to shove some stuff into the garage.  The dogs, I think, love the echo in the house when they bark. And both of them, as well as the two cats, are walking around with a semi-permanent ‘what the heck’s going on’ expression on their faces.  Well, except the twenty year old cat.  She’s just interested in being fed and kept warm.


Diva J is teaching a new class at our local community college.  If you live anywhere near Amarillo, be sure to sign up for it!  She’s a writer with loads of talent, who is a great teacher as well.  She will nurture your creativity and help you develop your own talent and voice.  If you can’t make it, be sure to read her blog often, and try out some of her books as well.  You won’t be disappointed!


4 Comments on “In the eye of the storm…”

  1. Ms. Karen says:

    It was awfully nice of you to be so accomodating (and I think I spelled that wrong). I think I would have clacked my teeth at the realtor and insist she tell the buyers to suck it up and act like adults. Adults with imagination.

    But, you can’t do that when you want them to buy the place.

    The class your friend is teaching sounds lovely. I should find some classes like that around here.

  2. Diva A says:

    Hey DW. I LOVE no-makeup days. Ahhh. I had lots of those during the summer. And I caught up on my soap, Days of our Lives. I’ve been watching that with my mom since high school.

    Congrats on the people interested in your house! It sounds like things are coming along great. Before too long, you’ll be all tucked into your new nest.

    BTW, your Mr. Man sounds like such a sweetie.

  3. karen says:

    I happened to click on your link from a local msg board that I was a member of. I remembered you talking about the class that your friend is teaching. I am currently in that class and enjoying every minute of it. It is very challenging, but fun.

  4. desperatewriter says:

    hey, Karen! I’m so glad you are enjoying the class! She is a good teacher! So, am I a member of the same message board, then?

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