That’s exactly how to  describe our weather today.  And I love it.  Today is the perfect day to piddle around and do nothing, or a bunch of somethings.  Weird statement, huh? 

Well, that’s me, if you haven’t figured it out by now. 🙂

I love the fall.  I always have.  I love the crispness of the air, the whiff of fireplace smoke as I step outside.  I love the leaves skittering along the street like a bunch of kids let out for recess.  Even something about the sunshine and the way it shines down on me makes me feel good.

But today is cloudy and delightfully cool, a kind of day I absolutely love.  I don’t know why I like these days better than days filled with bright sun and warmth.  Mom calls me her alien child.  I just seem to have more energy, and feel really content. There’s just something so cozy about days like today. A good day to bake, or snuggle up and read a book. 

I’ve really indulged myself as far as reading goes these past few days.  Mr. Man and  I went to OKC to a car show this weekend, and road time is a great time to read.  I devoured Debbie Macomber’s 8 Sandpiper Way, where I was able to catch up with the folks from Cedar Cove, and Julia Quinn’s The Lost Duke of Wyndam. Julia’s book initially caught my eye, because the model on the cover is the actress who plays Vienna on my soap, As the World Turns. Well, that, and the fact I love Julia’s books.  But I thought it was neat.  Both of the authors above have fantastic websites, BTW. Julia is doing something interesting…she’s offering exclusive e-books that are actually 2nd epilogues to stories readers have already fallen in love with. I think this is brilliant.  How many times have YOU read a book and was sad that it ended? This offers readers a chance to revisit her lovely Bridgertons. She plans to write two a year. 

So, as I said, we went to OKC.  We participated in another PT Cruiser event, but the BEST part was getting to see and spend time with Toddler and her Mom and Dad.  Ah, yes, Toddler.  She’s growing up so fast!  She’ll be four in less than a month.  It’s such a joy to watch her revel her childhood. It would be great if we could all remember to enjoy life as it comes with such abandon. 

We went to a really neat place in Arcadia, OK, on old Route 66 called Pops.  It’s a gas-station/diner/convenience store with an ultra-modern design, but also with the feel of a traditional diner/soda shop.  It boasts over 700 different flavors of soda, and also has its own brand of beer and lager. On the outside of the building, there’s a 66 foot tall soda bottle that really solidifies the business as a true landmark!

I had the BEST chocolate malt I’ve ever had in my life, and that’s saying a lot.  I’ve had my share of those. And the food is FANTASTIC, too.  My opinion wasn’t just colored by the fact Toddler was all over me  and being my buddy either.

We also went up the road to the ‘Round Barn”

Toddler found that one a little scary.  It WAS dark and a little creaky in the loft.  But fascinating how the inside of the roof was a basket weave pattern.

I tried my best to convince Brother and SisM to move home, but that pesky thing about finding a good job got in the way.  RATS.  So the ol’ heart took another hit as we had to say good bye.

Still no movement on the house.  I swear, I’m going to pull all my hair out.  Maybe I’ll be too sick to care for a couple of days, since Mr. Man has seen fit to share his head cold with me.



3 Comments on “Crisp!”

  1. Selma says:

    You describe the Fall days so well. There is something magical about them. I can’t believe the gorgeous Toddler is almost four. Awww. She is a little darling!

  2. Diva A says:

    Great post and visual aids, DW! ;-P

    I’m so sorry you have a head cold. Get well so I can see you tomorrow night and hear all about your trip.

    And I hope you get EXCELLENT news on your house selling very soon. I’m praying for that, in fact.

    Now, get off the computer and have some chicken soup before you scoot off to bed. 🙂

  3. Ms. Karen says:

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Toddler is almost four??? Wow, when did that happen?

    Fall is one of my favorite seasons (Spring is first on that list for me). Maybe because its where we get our break from the relentless heat of summer, but the days are still clear and bright, and the trees still have their leaves.

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