TAGGED–Seven Things

I’ve been tagged by Diva A! . 😉 So, here goes…

Yes, it's me.

Yes, it

Seven things you might not know about me:

1.  If I get to go to Europe, THIS is the order of my wishful itinerary: Scotland, London, Tuscany and  Rome. Maybe Greece.

2.  I like to BAKE, but not necessarily COOK.

3. I was once stranded in Palo Duro Canyon after closing, and Mr. Man, Brother and I had to find our way out after dark.  Down a mesa.  In between mesquite and cedar.  Avoiding a cliff. Scooting down on my ass(I wore out the seat of my pants!) With wildlife rattling the bushes. In the rain.  I inherited my getting stranded streak naturally. Dad was always getting in a pickle.  Once, when I was six and Brother was two, we got stranded overnight at the Canadian River, and were aitlifted out by a DPS Helicopter.  I thought it was fun, until  we got home.  Mom was sooooo MAD at my Dad.

4. I locked myself  TO my car once.  Yep.  Skirt caight in the door, which was locked, while the car was running.  Had to get someone to call my Mom with the spare set of keys,  and she had to WALK to the store to rescue me.  I was  running the errand for her in the first place.

5. I love to swim and play in  a pool.  We had neighbors  with an in-ground pool when I was growing  up, and we swam nearly every day in the summer.  I miss swimming so much.  We  used to play Marco Polo, “Jaws” (somehow, Brother  was always ‘it’) and do handstands in the shallow end.

6.  Anxiety has always been an issue with me.  I’m a worrier.  It plagues me until I can get no relief over worrying over even a single non-issue.  Even when I was a child,  it would strike me, and when I became angry,  over-excited  or overwrought about things, I would throw up all over the place. Thank God for scientists and pharmeceuticals.

7. I like saltines on my bologna sandwiches.  I did it as a  kid, and  I still like it, even though I don’t really do it anymore, as even to ME, it’s really weird.  But not  as weird as the girl at work yesterday dipping her baby carrots into chocolate  pudding.  Though I did thing maybe I should try it to get my veggies in. I HATE veggies.


Diva J

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5 Comments on “TAGGED–Seven Things”

  1. Diva A says:

    Wow. You are one interesting lady! The saltine thing? I think it’s cute.

    And getting air lifted out? What fun! I’ll bet your mommy WAS mad. But look what a great memory you got out of the deal. 🙂

    Thanks for playing.

  2. Selma says:

    So nice to learn more about you. I hope that one day you get to all the places on your wishful itinerary. Know all about the anxiety and worry – guilty as charged. It would have been scary to have been stranded in the canyon. And to get airlifted from a river after being stranded? Action packed. I will definitely play along!

  3. desperatewriter says:

    Actually loved the helicopter ride to tellyou the truth. It was a thrill I can recall very vividly today! Being in the helicopter was much more exciting than being in an airplane, because I was in the front seat and the big wide windshield was in front of me. It made me feel like a bird, swooping along the wide riverbed…

  4. If I liked saltines on my bologna sandwiches, I’d be anxious too!

  5. Oh…and I’ll meme this on Monday or Tuesday, K?

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