Rest in Peace

We’ll miss you, Baby.  Thanks for 21 years of unconditional love.


8 Comments on “Rest in Peace”

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Big, big, big hugs, Red, I know how hard this must be.


  2. desperatewriter says:

    Thanks, Gabrielle.

  3. Ms. Karen says:

    Oh, sad… I’m so sorry. I know, in a way, it may be a little bit of a relief that the wondering and worry are over, but it is still deeply saddening when a beloved pet leaves us.

    Twenty-one years… wow, now THAT kitty was deeply loved and cared for.

  4. Selma says:

    I’m so sorry. It is always incredibly difficult to say goodbye to a beloved pet. 21 years makes for a very happy life. XXXOOOXXX

  5. DavidM says:

    I, too, am sorry. I agree with Ms Karen and Selma,
    kitty must have had a happy, loving life to have lived for 21 years; ‘she had a good innings’ (as we say in Aus)- still a very sad occasion. Take care,

  6. desperatewriter says:

    Thanks again,everyone. You are very kind, and your condolences are a comfort.

  7. Diva A says:

    Oh, DW. I’m so so sorry. I know how much you loved her. My heart goes out to you. Pets are family, and it hurts when we have to say goodbye to them.

    Hang in there, sweet thing.

  8. desperatewriter says:

    Thanks, Diva A. 🙂

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