Should I or shouldn’t I ?

Well, I had a pseudo-job offer today.

I went to another salon in town today, after something I’d heard I could buy there today.  It was a salon  I’d been curious about, it’s actually a salon and day spa, and is really classy.  I found out when I was inside, visiting with the owner, that it had also been voted the best in town 2008 by an annual local poll. I used to work with the owner, at another salon, several years ago.  Anyway, she was just showing me around, and it came up that she had an  opening, and maybe we could work something  out. 

They need someone to do nails…including regular manicures and  pedicures.  That’s the thing, I only do  artifical  nails…and have never flexed my pedi muscles.  Never really wanted to, really.  But I can.  And they seem to be a really busy salon, with regular call-ins. 

I have to ask myself if I’m ready to do this, if I want to change and do a full-header reinvention of my cosmetology career. 

I don’t know.  It’s tempting.  It’s a beautiful salon, higher-end, yet I didn’t feel out of place or  uncomfortable.  I think it’s a place my clients would feel comfortable. 

But…ugh.  The idea of another big change. 

The lease is higher, but the potential of making more money is definitely there.  I’d have to get over my aversion to taking on people I don’t know.  I know, weird, and it’s only come on the past few years, which is One reason my hair career is not as  it should be at the moment.  I think my exposure to a host of different  people at the  supermarket job has helped somewhat.  I don’t know if it’s my anxiety issues, or my issues with my self-confidence lately, or the loss of trust I’ve experienced the past few years in  my relationships with people I thought I could trust. 

I have to face it, I’m just weird sometimes, and I don’t know why. 🙂

Man, I’m a headcase.  🙂 

But I’ll be thinking on it.

3 Comments on “Should I or shouldn’t I ?”

  1. Selma says:

    It sounds like a good opportunity. I am like you in that I resist change. I find it stresses me more the older I get. Yet sometimes the rewards can be bountiful. I’m sure it would work out if you decided to do it.

  2. Ms. Karen says:

    Weigh the options: would the new place mean you could give up your supermarket job? If so, then I think I’d give it some serious consideration. Working two jobs can be so stressful, especially when days off from both jobs are few and far between.

  3. desperatewriter says:

    That’s true. I would like to work just one job. But I’m not prepared to give up the supermarket until the other proves to be secure.

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