Heavenly Weekend

Ah…Had a great weekend with the family!

Brother and SisM strapped Toddler into the car seat and came back to Texas for the weekend!



Hot diggity DAWG!

As Toddler often sang this weekend.  I think she learned  it from watching the Micky Mouse Club or something.  I LOVE how  she says “DAWG!”

I love how she made sure to share her early Halloween treats with her Mommy and Daddy, and I love how she asked me to reasd to her and fell asleep in my arms last night.  Do I need to mention how it felt when she hugged me tight as she could again when she saw me this morning?  She takes my face in her little hands, focuses her blue eyes on me and I’m spellbound. 

We spent the day with Grandma, shopping and all that jazz. 

And then, it was time for the crew to point the car East, and head back to OKC. 


Well, the holidays are nearly upon us, and that means more togetherness to come!


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