Mom worked and fought the sewing machine for hours while I helped her get the house ready for Brother and family last Friday night.  She’d promised Toddler that she’d make her a Batgirl costume for Halloween.  Not realizing they might come to town so soon after our visit up there, she’d cut it out but not finished it yet, thought maybe she’d overnight it in time for Toddler to wear for her trick-or-treating. So when Toddler excitedly asked about her costume over the telephone the other day, a couple of days before they came, Mom realized she had a lot of work to do. 

The sewing machine had other ideas.  It wasn’t in the mood to cooperate, and after one seam was sewn, it refused to work.  Although she tried and tried, in the end, the sewing machine won that battle (though I can guarantee you, Mom WILL win that war, in the end.)  I thought Mom was going to cry herself as she thought about how disappointed Toddler was going to be.  She loathed the idea of letting her Sunshine down.  I tried to make things better, and tell her Toddler would understand, but Mom wasn’t so sure, after hearing the little girl’s excitment over the phone.

So when Toddler arrived at my house, I explained how Grandma was disappointed and sad about her sewing machine breaking, and that she was unable to finish the Batgirl costume. 

Toddler looked at me with those big blue eyes, and said, “Why is she sad?”

“Well,” I explain, hoping I hadn’t opened a can of worms, “She didn’t want you to be disappointed.”

“Well, you know,” Toddler said in all seriousness, “I’m really all right with that, ’cause I can wear my witch costume from last year. Grandma doesn”t need to be disappointed.”

Amazed at her wonderful attitude, I smile.  “That’s sweet of you, Toddler.  You make sure and hug Grandma and tell her that.”

“I will.” And then the dashed off to play with Dodger and Hermione.

The rest of the weekend included, among our fun, a search for a Batgirl cape, which we found at Target, the last place we looked. 

On the way home from work today, I was moping a bit about the house thing.  Then I had a flashback to this latest Toddler memory we’d created last weekend.  And from her, I revisted another valuable lesson.

It’s okay if we didn’t get the house.  I need to quit acting like a spoiled child, and more like  Toddler.  We’ll just find something else, and it might be just as good, or even better.  I need to not worry (something I constantly remind myself ) and go with it and wait and see what’s next.

3 Comments on “Perspective”

  1. Ms. Karen says:

    That child is amazing. No wonder you love her so much.

    Since you took her wisdom and applied it to your own situation, that makes you pretty wise, too. Must run in the family.

  2. desperatewriter says:

    Yeah, and she’s FOUR!!!

  3. Wow. If only more of us were as gracious as Toddler, the world would be a much better place!

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