Onward and upward!

Breaking up is hard to do. Hard feelings on both sides. Realtor most likely feels I have been unfair and over-dramatic (no, ME? Drama?) We feel rejected and abandoned and embarrassed.

There seems  to be some sort of mix-up somewhere along the  line,  along  with our difference  of opinion. When I looked at a description of the house, I KNOW I only saw “only 50 years old.”  I looked  it up again, and now I  see a little bit better description. I don’t know what happened, but I know what I saw.  Or, didn’t see, when I looked at it before,  more than once.  I don’t believe it’s a fast one, I just think something went screwy somewhere.

I will  be glad  to get on with things, and see what the future holds for us.   We are not giving up on our dream of a  family, or  a new home. 

The floor people come Sunday to confirm  everything, and we’ll get our bad carpet out of the backroom, and the floors  throughout refinished.  Then we’ll try and find some time inbetween our work and our work to finish some other touch up needs on the home.  🙂


One Comment on “Onward and upward!”

  1. I’m sure it will be lovely when you are done. Then you can start all over with a new realtor.

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