Remember when there used to be class?  Anything goes, these days it seems.  I was born at the end of the era when people still dressed up to go shopping, actually changed out of their house clothes and dressed in “going out” clothes.  My grandmother continued this practice this until she was physically limited, even when she was only going to the grocery store.  I thought about this today as my first customer shuffled through my line, sucking on the ball of her lip ring and striding out in her pjs and Pluto house shoes. 

Granted, I don’t usually go out dressed to the nines, but I do try to make myself presentable most of the time. Sometimes I fail, but I NEVER go out in public in my pajamas, no matter how cute they are.  I’d like to imagine people everywhere thanking me for that! 🙂 )

They come to the grocery store in curlers, too. Yeah, still.  We went out to Cracker Barrel not long ago, and in the waiting crowd, a teen in pink sponge rollers shifted from one foot to another.  Maybe she had a special occasion.  Who knows?

Aside from the house/out clothes, I see so many people who have plain stopped trying! I hope I don’t sound like a snob, but heck, they even built a show around What Not To Wear. 

And can we talk about gum for a sec? I love gum.  I love to pop it, blow bubbles, and chew the heck out of it.   So I try not to chew it unless I am at home,  or at least alone.  Definitely not at work.  As much as I like to pop it, I can’t stand to hear other people do it.  I know, contrary.  And there are so many times I see people casually chewing their gum, they actually do look like cows chewing their cuds.  I don’t want to look like that.  Ick.

Why is it that some men, even if they’ve never seen you before, think it’s okay to tell you a dirty joke  right after you say hello?  I had a guy tell me a sperm joke today.  It was funny, but I was surprised at someone telling it to  a complete stranger like that.

And how weird is it that sometimes when people curse, it is offensive, and other times it’s not?  Sometimes, people come through the line and curse, and it is so off-putting.  But today, this good ol’ boy came through the line, and he had a mouth on him, but it just seemed to fit his conversational style.  Is it a difference in tone?  Is it a difference in which way it is delivered, in anger, filth for filth sake, or in off-hand conversation?

Who knows.

We’ve set a date to get the floors done, and have a line on a painter.  Despite how some might see my working two jobs and Mr. Man’s working 50 hours a week or more as excuses to why we haven’t made an EFFORT (That’s a load of crap!) we should be back on track with the sale of the house soon.  We will just look at our previous dealings as a big learning experience, and move on.


3 Comments on “Miscellaney”

  1. Diva A says:

    This post CRACKED me up. And inspired me to never leave the house in pjs with my lip ring hanging out. Oh, wait … I don’t have a lip ring. I’m already one step more cultured than 15% of our populous. Snicker.

    Good luck with the rennovations! Hubbie and I went out today to find some tile for our master bathroom. I thought we would just see one and KNOW it was what we wanted. Instead, we’re stuck between three and it’s driving me bonkers. Jeeps.

    How’s the new job?

  2. desperatewriter says:

    Hey, Diva A!

    Yeah, I watched that lip ring thing with morbid fascination. I mean, it was pretty big, and just to see it move…ick. But it did match her earrings. 🙂

    Yeah, we gotta be careful with choices like tile and paint. We’re stuck with them for awhile!

    I got all moved in to my new place, I guess I’ll start working tomorrow. Diva L is coming in to ditch the nails, and so she’ll be my first appointment!

  3. Selma says:

    My hubby has a shop in the city and he calls the general public ‘the great unwashed.’ Some people really just don’t care how they look or how they are perceived. I remember those classy days. They were awesome. *sigh*

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