But, Wait….

It seems like I am thinking this a lot lately.   The inside of my lips should be raw from my biting  them.

You see, I have a different viewpoint from many people  I hang around  with. People I respect and think a LOT of.   They don’t seem to mind speaking  their minds,  and don’t seem to worry whether I like their opinion or not.

So why do I feel like I can’t express myself in the same manner?  Do I feel like their opinions of me or my viewpoints  will crush me? Do I feel like I am not free to express my opinion, because  in some conversations, I’ve been made  to  feel like because of my personal beliefs,  I am just stupid, or wrong?  Kinda.

Some tones have come across like, “Shame on you, you idiot.”

Which I find ironic, considering some  of these people have claimed to have received the very same  kind of treatment.

I feel like I’m supposed to shut up if I don’t agree,  and  I kinda  resent it.

Especially when I am not  even trying to force my beliefs on anyone.  I am merely trying to express  my opinion.

More often when  I’m joking around  or trying to be funny.  It seems I can’t even tease around without people taking things so seriously.

Perhaps it’s  my delivery.  I’m probably not a stand-up comedian for a reason.  🙂

I can only hope, that before criticizing me, or taking  me down a peg, so  to speak, that you don’t lump me in with “All the other  people” who share some  of the same viewpoints I  do.  We’re not all alike, you know.  Stop, breathe, and take the facts that you know about me, and what kind of person I am before you jump to the defense.

I may disagree with you, but I am still a good person,and not an  idiot either.

I’ll try to reciprocate.


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