Weekend Lazies….

Slow day at the salon yesterday…so I came home early and updated some websites I maintain, as well as rebuild one for an author who’s hired me. I did have her files saved, because she hired me last year, but due to a malfunction, I had to start completely from scratch. So those two things pretty much took up the rest of my day.

Today was the first Sunday in forever that I haven’t had to work, so that was nice. Especially the sleeping in part, especially after that changing the clocks thing.

I should have gone to church. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to church regularly. Not because I have anything against church, not at all. But it started about the time I got my second job, and the time Granny got sick. I am still a firm believer, and I pray and give thanks to God every day. My interest in practicing hasn’t waned, it’s just actually attending service that’s fallen to the wayside.

I don’t want to go back to the same church where we’d gone before. They are nice people, but it’s so small that it’s basically two families without a regular preacher.

Mom and both knew, too, that we wouldn’t want to go back there without Granny. Granny landed there because her second husband, a “retired” minister, preached there at least once a month, and after he passed, we just kept going there because that’s where she wanted to go.

Mom has been visiting a couple of churches, and has found one really close to the traditional way we grew up doing things. She doesn’t go every Sunday yet. I’ve often wondered if she would go more if she didn’t go by herself. Mr. Man, also a firm believer, hasn’t attended regularly since before we were married. He’s a lot like my Daddy that way.

We both agreed that when we have children, we want to give them the same firm foundation that we were given. We’ll have to see what happens. If church is done the way it’s supposed to be, it is an invaluable source of support as well as a place of worship. What better support can we have than support based in the loving Spirit of God?



Mom and I went to Target today and she gifted us with a baby bed. I used to find things I liked at WalMart, but the selections at the stores here in Amarillo have really dwindled. Not just in baby things, but in things in general. So disappointing.

Anyway, isn’t this one pretty? It converts to a toddler bed and a full-sized bed, so that’s good. We are still getting a toddler bed, too. We have been approved for two, possibly a sibling pair. Or we may just get one. It could be an infant, or anywhere up to a five year old. Or any combination of age or  genders. We don’t have anything yet, because really, how do we prepare for that? But we have to at least prove we have a room for them to call their own, and a place to sleep. Thank goodness for WalMart, since  it is affordable and open 24 hours.

Most new parents get a baby shower to prepare the way. But they know what they are getting– an infant. I had a girl in my foster class say once that a foster parent in her church was thrown a “foster shower.”  I asked my sister in law and best friend if they were up for something like that, and they said yes, but how weird to ask. It feels like inviting yourself to a  party or something. So I’m not sure I’ll go through with that.  Just for fun, though, I did go make shower lists at WalMart and Target.com and picked out bare essentials, basic clothes, baby items, toddler items, various sizes of kids clothes,  to have around just  in case.  If nothing else, we’ll at least have a printable list of gender-neutral items to shop for in the event of any new arrival. We picked Winnie the Pooh stuff too, because the yellow and green of it can be neutral (But I see the cute brown and pink stuff out now and can’t help but think it would be nice to use that, somehow.) I have a diaper bag. Mr. Man, knowing my love of Eeyore, asked if that was for the baby or me. Smarty pants.

And we have a  stroller, carrier, travel crib, and high chair on layaway at Sears.  Brother and Sis-in-Law left the car seat Toddler has outgrown with us last time  they were here.

I’m mailing the request for the home health  inspection tomorrow, and that is supposed to take place within 10 days of their receiving it. The very idea of having a health inspector in my house gives me the willies. I mean, I don’t live in filth by any means, and since we’ve been extra vigilant in cleaning house since putting our house on the market last JULY, it shouldn’t be any big deal. But still…

Also, we have to have the fire inspector here, too. Shouldn’t be  problem, since Mr. Man has this place fixed up with hardwired smoke and heat detectors (It’s part of what he does professionally.)

Then the home studies, where they interview you by what I imagine as turning us inside out, upside down and all that to be sure we’d be fit parents. Another look over of our house will be done then, too.

Then, assuming we pass muster, we should have our license.

I ran into a fellow classmate from our foster classes last week. She and her husband have a 7 month old baby girl that is healthy and happy, and they brought her home from  the hospital at 3 days old. They were told she’d be adoptable, but then an aunt showed up. But that situation seems to be subsiding, and they are hopeful again. They were even told they might expect siblings from the same source. She also said that it is an adjustment getting used to all the people poking themselves into their lives now, from workers to CASA reps, etc.  It’s all in the best interest of the child, she knows, but a bit overwhelming at the same time. They have, she assured me, decided that it is ultimately worth it.

Sounds like huge changes on the horizons for us, huh? I  like to think we are up to the challenge, though, after all the work we’ve put into it.

When Mr. Man gets around to putting together that crib, you can bet I’ll grab my camera. Of course, I want to help, but I’m usually more help to him if I stay out of the way.


2 Comments on “Weekend Lazies….”

  1. How exciting that your almost ready to foster! 😀

    I’d like to encourage you by reminding you that in Hebrews 10:23-25 God reminds us , “Let us hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised us is faithful; and let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, not forsaking the assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.”

  2. desperatewriter says:

    Thanks for the kind words, and encouragement. 🙂 I know, I need to get back to church. But I am further bolstered that I do have friends and companions I discuss spiritual matters with, and who are also believers, and we pray and praise together during the course of life.

    And I am blessed to count you among them.

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