Falling Together

Well, things are falling  together.

This week , Mr. Man and I completed (to the best of our knowledge) our checklist of responsibilities towar becoming foster parents. Now,our specialist explained, she is sending our  packet off to the people contracted to do our interviews.

This week, the city health department inspected our home. Talk about daunting. I mean, I know I live in a clean house (despite the dust my MIL manages to find 🙂 ) but the whole idea of having  official people inspect it had me in a tizzy. Mr. Man and I whirled around here the night before getting things in order. The inspectors who came were very good  about putting me at ease, and really very friendly. Mr. Man  had to work, so I met them on my own since my schedule is more flexible.

We passed 100%. YAY! I took great pleasure in reporting that to You-Know-Who. She’s not mean about it,  but seems to have no qualms mentioning something she notices. I handed her a dust rag, once. She hasn’t mentioned anything since.

Then it was the fire department’s turn. Had some frustration getting through to them, but I won’t bother describing that run-around. The inspector came, and I took the bull by the horns(Mr. Man, again, had to work) showing him the precautions  we’d taken and such. Turns out, he’s familiar with Mr. Man, who installs fire systems for a living and does a megaload of work at a local hospital, and various other places around town. With only two inspectors in town (may I agree, they are grossly understaffed for  a community our size) they are bound to cross paths.

We passed 100%.

So now we wait for the home study specialist to call us.

What a relief to have these things we’d put off over with! It was literally a load off our shoulders. One reason we’d put off the dreaded inspections was the hope we’d sell our home and just have to have a new  one inspected. But it didn’t happen soon enough. Funny enough, a woman came by yesterday and said she was interested in buying. Doesn’t it figure?

But interested and  actually moving on it are two different things. So we can’t get our hopes up.

Today, we’re getting the toddler bed. Maybe tonight we can put both beds together.

If I ever wondered if this was worth it…yesterday, a friend from work brought in her infant grandaughter, and I got to hold her. She was so teeny, a preemie, and everything about her was absolutely perfect!  And she fell asleep within a minute. WOW.


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