I don’t even know where to begin…

Things have been busy.

I haven’t blogged in so long, I think I may have lost my touch. I haven’t read many blogs either. Sorry! I’ll get back to you.

Let’s see…..

SUNDAY we went with fellow Cruisers to Palo Duro Canyon to cout out photo ops for our upcoming Cruising The Crossroads PT Cruiser event. In a convertible. Soooo fun. Makes me think I would like to have one…not happening.  🙂  When we left the Canyon, we were invited  to a cookout hosted by a local builder. Long story short,we were shown a house and signed a contract, builder wants to buy ours in a trade. UNLESS we have someone  else they send our way wants to buy it first. Otherwise, they’re interested. Now…the financing circus. If  one way doesn’t work, then we’ll go another way.  if that doesn’t pan out, they’ve offered to build us a smaller one…right now, we’re waiting to hear from the mortgage company.

MONDAY we gat a call from our Foster Home Developer saying now that we were licensed, she wanted to have a home  visit and go over some things and answer any questions we might have.

WHAT? We’re LICENSED? Who told us? We’ve been waiting for two weeks to to find out the answer to the Big Question. So there we are, folks.  Paper in hand, WE ARE NOW OFFICIALLY LICENSED FOSTER-TO-ADOPT parents! Now we wait. Our Developer askedif we strictly want to adopt, or are willing to foster, too.

We’ve been asked this before in the course of our journey.

Today, a difinitive answer came to me, and  I can only explain it as a True Calling. “FOSTERING, TOO” popped up in my mind, as clear as daylight. I think, and so does Mr. Man, that this is something God wants us to do right now. I haven’t felt something  this strong in this way since I was baptized.

I don’t throw these thoughts or words around lightly.

We know it’s not going to be  easy. And we know there will be difficulties along  the way, but no one promised it would be a smooth road.  We don’t know what situations we will find ourselves in. What we do know is the children need someone to stand for them, and take care of them when their families can’t. Or won’t. We’ll be sad when we have to relinquish custody of  children we come to love.

But when the time comes, we’ll be able to build a forever family.

Oh, also on Monday, I had the privilege of seeing the brilliant Maya Angelou speak. I KNOW, she deserves a more respectable mention than my off-hand one.  But I plan to post another blog on that wonderful experience later.

Today, Mom and  I went to Sears to get the baby items we have on layaway. We were told not only did they not have that, but we were told the order had been  improperly prepared,the items were un-orderable, and basically, their attitude was too  bad, too sad for us.  We were  treated terribly,and couldn’t even get a manager to help us. The only thing they could do, they said, was mail us a check in two weeks. When we said we guessed they weren’t too eager to keep business, we were told with an attitude like ours, they sure didn’t. The fact is, we entered into the transaction in good faith, they defaulted, and we’re S.O.L. The salesperson spoke to both me, and  my mother, in such a disrespectful manner it was beyond infuriating.

We did get some kid stuff from a yard sale across the street, though. The neighbor know what we are getting into,and gave us a really good deal  on a lot of really great stuff!

Now, we’re stuck waiting again, for the next step in the adoption journey, and what we hope will  be a final answer  in the house stuff…


3 Comments on “I don’t even know where to begin…”

  1. Travis Erwin says:

    I too went to see Maya. Wish I’d have known you were there so I could have found you to say hi.

  2. Oooo. Maya!

    Oooo. Licensed!!!

    Oooo. Calling!

    Eeeew. Sears. 😦

    Oooo. Generous Neighbor!

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