Dear daughter, let Miley Cyrus be a lesson to you

Dear daughter, let Miley Cyrus be a lesson to you.


Stop Author Abuse! | The BookChick

Stop Author Abuse! | The BookChick.


Official Book trailer for my friend A.G. Howard’s next YA Novel.

Instant Mom | Adoption Information from Adoptive Families Magazine

As I read thistouching excerpt, I thought, “I could have written something almost JUST like it…..

Instant Mom by Nia Vardolos


Whiteout conditions, howling winds 75 mph, 3 ft snow drifts: north Texas paralyzed by ‘historic blizzard’

Why I am so keen on Scentsy

I am very aware of the memories and feelings certain scents evoke. I can get a whiff of bread or sugar cookies, and am back in my Granny’s kitchen. The rich, lucious scent of pumpkin pie and coffee transport me to my childhood, when, on any given Thanksgiving or Christmas I would awaken to the aroma of my Mama’s baking and Daddy’s coffee brewing. Sometimes, the scent of sawdust or of a certain soap reminds me of sweeping up after my Pawpaw in his workshop. A seductive masculine fragrance stirs memories of summer evenings under the stars. The fragrance of warm, clean laundry fills me with a sense of comfort and accomplishment. The smell of fresh, rain-cleansed air infuses me with happiness. I love surrounding myself with things that make me happy. These memories I speak of are a big part of that, and I would often strive to find scents that worked for me.

That’s why, after long and careful consideration, I chose to become a Scentsy Independent Consultant. Not only for the wonderful products, but the flexibility too. As a busy mom of four, it allows me a source of income, and a good company to work with, to go along with my enjoyment of the product. Becoming a part of the Scentsy family allows me to help other people find pleasure for their lives too. I’m not a natural salesperson, but am eager to share products I believe in; if I didn’t absolutely love it, I wouldn’t invest so much into telling others about these great products!

Thanks for visiting my Scentsy home on the Web. I am eager to help with anything you need. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get the latest scoop!

I picked up Angels End and read it not long ago. LOVED it!

Day by day

I am very much a pantser when it comes to writing. A pantser is one who just sits down at the computer and sees what happens. Oh sure, I know the general plot of my story, but I don’t narrow it down to every little detail with outlines and notes.

When I wrote Angel’s End during the spring of 2011 I was full of optimism. After all I’d just gotten two new contracts with two different houses to write two totally different series. I’d been through a rough time with my career while trying to move to a different house and prayed every day that I would be able to continue to write. After all God had given me this gift, why wouldn’t he want me to use it? I realized when writing Cade’s story that it was about my journey of keeping the faith, even when you think God’s…

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