I picked up Angels End and read it not long ago. LOVED it!

Day by day

I am very much a pantser when it comes to writing. A pantser is one who just sits down at the computer and sees what happens. Oh sure, I know the general plot of my story, but I don’t narrow it down to every little detail with outlines and notes.

When I wrote Angel’s End during the spring of 2011 I was full of optimism. After all I’d just gotten two new contracts with two different houses to write two totally different series. I’d been through a rough time with my career while trying to move to a different house and prayed every day that I would be able to continue to write. After all God had given me this gift, why wouldn’t he want me to use it? I realized when writing Cade’s story that it was about my journey of keeping the faith, even when you think God’s…

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Nearer and nearer…


Well, Wednesday we have our home study interview. The case worker said it should take about 3 hours. We don’t think there’s three hours worth to us to interview, and  even she said our case appeared to be easy enough, since we had all our paperwork in order and didn’t have any ex-anybodies to investigate, or children of our own to interview and investigate. I’m not too nervous about this step. Mr. Man seems more concerned about this one. And I can see why. I mean, the big question is, will we be rejected after they interview us? Will we be found wanting, unqualified, not up to snuff?

Oddly,  I am calmer. I was mor100_2927e concerned about the city coming to give us a health inspection. As prehistoric  as it sounds, in this house, as in many, the housekeeping is mainly under my jurisdiction,  and who in their right mind wouldn’t  be jumpy at the prospect  of being put under the microscope?  But, as I said, the inspectors who came were very nice, professional, and put me at ease almost immediately. Oh, and don’t get me wrong, when the occasion calls for it, Mr. Man DOES step up to the plate. It’s just mainly my area.  Joy.

As you can see, we have pretty much prepared as much as we can without knowing who we’re going


to get. We have the room set aside, and two little beds all ready. The rest we can get as we go.


Unless the caseworker tells us differently.

Our oldest niece, AM,

on Mr. Man’s side, works for CPS, and says the people who are contracted to do the interviews are really nice, too. And the lady was cordial on the telephone. So, we’ll see.

Dodger and Hermione seem to know something’s up. They had to get in on the action as Mr. Man put together the beds.


Did I mention we had a blizzard Friday?

We sure as heck did. Or close enough that’s what I’m going to call it. They’ve been quibbling about the technicality of it, but it was what it was. We had a snow day at home, and it was glorious! I dreaded getting out the next morning and digging out my car, and was sure I’d be late to work, because let’s face it, I’m late on a good day, forget about getting up EXTRA early.  I also knew the snowblower Mom bought for the family  to share was deep in the bowels of our garage, where it’s sat, unneeded for a couple of years. Behind all the furniture and crap we’ve stored in there for that move we thought we’d have made by now.

100_2938My concerns were, as usual, unwarranted, even though I had to shove my door open and plunge into a drift that came up over my knees.  Wading through that, I swept a foot and a half off of my car, only to find a crust of ice beneath. You see, the blizzard sent a calling card ahead of time, in the form of freezing rain and sleet. Again, I was lucky. The ice practically fell off at the mere wave of the ice scraper I’d inherited from Daddy. I ended up having time to stop and get my morning Diet Coke with time to spare, since the streets, though slick, weren’t the worst I’d ever navigated.

By the afternoon, nearly ALL of the drifts and snowfall had disappeared, soaked in by the thirsty, drought-ridden earth where our hometown rests.  If I’d had more initiative, I would have gotten out of my pj’s  and  taken video of some very befuddled weenie dogs, or at least more pictures.

But no. I had a Lisa Kleypas’s BLUE-EYED DEVIL to finish. That woman can tell a story like nobody’s business. I’ve met her a couple of times, and she is not only talented, but gorgeous and sweet, too. *sigh*

Critique groups have been off due to Spring Break, but I look forward to them starting up again. Once I get our taxes done, I’ll be able to settle down to the WIP again. I know, that REEKS of excuse-ology, especially with the time I spend online, and here on the blog. But I can’t really count the blog, because this is kind of my unloading spot, where I send a good amount of my brain clutter into space, where  few actually care. (By no means do I download  it all. I don’t want to scare anybody.  🙂 But enough to help me sleep.) Besides, it’s not like I’m being real creative on here.

Most of the time.

I spoke to the crew in  OKC tonight. Everyone seems to be doing well, and Toddler was even a bit talkative tonight. I miss them so much sometimes, my heart aches. But we’ll see them soon.  And now that SisM has her blog, CHARMED LIFE, we can keep up with one another even more. Brother also mentioned an interest in setting one up. How fun!

I didn’t think I had much to say tonight, but I managed to fill up a page. I suppose I should sign off now, so I’ll have some reading time before I turn out the lights. Right now, I’m reading MONTANA CREEDS: DYLAN, the second in the new trilogy by Linda Lael Miller, another of my auto-buys. I’ll just have to remind myself to find a stopping place before I end up finishing it and cussing myself out when my alarm goes of after only 3 or 4 hours of sleep.

Wish me luck!

The Secret Diaries of Miss Amanda Cheever

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
Yet another good one from Julia Quinn. I especially liked the way the hero came through his dark moment. Brought hard won tears to my eyes!

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Sweet Anticipation

And no, I’m not talking about ketchup. (Those of you who are old enough to remember what I mean by that will now have Carly Simon ringin’ in their ears for the rest of the day.  You’re welcome. 🙂  )

What I’m talking about here is the anticipation you feel when you spy a novel by one of your very favorite authors. There it is, on the rack, and a thrill shoots to your toes.  The image of reclining with it, undisturbed, flashes in your mind.  Despite your budget, or lack of one, that paperback is in your chocolate-smudged little hands and in your cart before you can say ‘boo.’  If it makes it to the cart.  Sometimes it stays snuggled up against you, mixed in with the PERFECT new jammies you found.

Reluctantly, you place your treasure on the conveyor belt, watching it rattle it’s way through the clerk’s hands and into a plastic sack, distracted only by the shelf, targeted toward impulse-buyers like yourself, holding more tempting treats.  This is also when you give a passing, minutely guilt-ridden thought that you might should have brought your canvas bag into the store in an effort to be ‘green.’  (Yeah, yeah.  we need more guilt.)

All the way home, you feel a certain excitement, knowing what you have to look forward to when you crack the cover of that book.  You’ve  never been disappointed with this author.  Yet…

You leave the book on the nightstand, unopened. 


Postponing the time you know you will spend reading the book and accomplishing nothing else.  Putting off the inevitable, knowing that you will finish this story in practically one sitting, and then it ill be all over.  And at least another year before the next book in the series will be published, starting the deliciously wicked cycle all over again. 

The Loner, by Geralyn DawsonMy name is April, and I’m addicted to Geralyn Dawson’s storytelling.

Today, I read THE LONER, the first in her Good Luck Grooms series.  If you love well-rounded stories with great plots and characters you can invest your time in,  snatch this one up right away.  🙂

Great going, Geralyn!  Keep up the good work!

Domingo Delicioso #19

Hey! Hope your week was great. I am taking another stab at Domingo Delicioso this week…Though I don’t know how my subjects will think about it. It seems those I read regularly have decided to go on hiatus! I mean, Ballpoint Wren, Ms. Karen, RubberCornDog…Gee, it’s like I’m the kiss of DEATH or something. Maybe I just have really bad timing.

My brain is literally empty this morning…of anything creative, anyway. Could it be because I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading a GREAT book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (is there any other kind by SEP?) AIN’T SHE SWEET is the story of Sugar Beth Williams, who returns to her small hometown in Mississippi, the one she ruled as a young Southern debutante. Only now, she’s a mere shadow of the girl she used to be, having learned a lot of hard life lessons. Now, she has to face her well-deserved comeuppance from the enemies she used to call friends. What was that old saying about burning bridges?

Gotta get this one, friends.

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Watch for these reads!

werewolfsupermodel.jpgwerewolfsupermodel.jpgwerewolfsupermodel.jpgCONFESSIONS OF A WEREWOLF SUPERMODEL, by Ronda Thompson, is due to drop next week.

From the Back Cover:

New York Times bestselling author Ronda Thompson captivates readers with a novel—first in a brand-new series—about a glamorous New York woman with a deadly sense of style…
She’s a wolf in chic clothing…
Supermodel Lou Kipinski seems to have it all. But beauty is only skin deep—and sometimes Lou’s porcelain complexion can get a bit hairy. The only thing worse than a furry fashion faux-pas? Fangs in her million-dollar smile. That’s what happened six months ago, when Lou had her first outbreak. But now that she’s at the height of her career she absolutely must find a cure…So what’s a single werewolf gotta do? 
And she brings out the animal in men.
Then a sexy detective comes knocking on her door. Two women who bear an eerie resemblance to Lou have been killed—something with teeth and claws tore them apart. Is it a coincidence that the grisly murders have taken place during the same time as Lou’s own outbreaks? With a killer at her heels and another outbreak just a concealer-wand’s distance away, Lou is soon in a race to discover truths about her own murky past. And before it’s all over she may be forced to show the world that her bark is nothing compared to her bite…

This book is the last work Ronda produced before her untimely death earlier this summer.


OVERKILL by Linda Castillo is another great read due out next week.

From the Back Cover
It started with a case so horrific it sent Chicago cop Marty Hogan straight over the edge. Unable to put the past behind her, she lost her job and was forced to flee to small-town Texas and the only police department that would hire her.She’s about to learn you can’t outrun the past… overkill.jpg

Police chief Clay Settlemeyer knows something about making mistakes, which is why he was willing to give Marty a second chance. But when her ex-partner is brutally murdered, it’s clear that Marty’s past has come back to haunt her.

And she’s the next intended victim…

I’ve already had a chance to read this one (*nanner-nanner!*) and it is FABULOUS!  If you love suspense, action, and strong heroines, this is the book for you!

Looks like October is going to have a lot to offer for booklovers!

The Book Thief

I am really liking this marketing tactic, making videos to promote books.  I’ve added some to my Vod Pod in the side bar, but here is one for one of my new favorite books: