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Stop Author Abuse! | The BookChick.


The Club

The Club
The Club
Read in March, 2009

** spoiler alert ** I didn’t realize what I was getting into when I picked this one up! It leans toward erotica set in a Regency setting. Though well-written, I thought it leaned a bit to heavily on the idea of abuse vs. S&M for pleasure angle. And one particular act between the hero and heroine really turned me off, as in went somewhere I personally wouldn’t care to go. Others might not mind it, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. That Page is a talented writer, there is no doubt, it was just not my kind of book.

Google launches Authors@Google site

“Just this year, we’ve hosted a great variety of authors, including Martin Amis, Strobe Talbott, Bob & Lee Woodruff, Jonathan Lethem, Don Tapscott, Senator Hillary Clinton, and Carly Fiorina. The subjects of their talks range from literary fiction to science fiction, sociology to technology, politics to business.” Goto:

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The Cover Conundrum


In the April 6th issue of Entertainment Weekly, Stephen King featured Fieldwork by Mischa Berlinski in his regular column, The Pop of King. This column was titled “How to Bury A Book.”

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