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The power of storytelling has been a factor in my life from the moment I took my first breath. My parents always took the time to read to us, and often created their own bedtime stories to keep us entertained. Growing up, we had books in every room of the house. Today, it seems I carry on the family tradition, even keeping books in my car, and a Kindle within reach.  As a relatively new mom, having adopted four children in the past four years, I am experiencing a new joy in the written word as they learn to read and write. Watching their faces light up when things click is a delight.

A few years ago, my Mom and Dad encouraged me to take a creative writing class. I was a goner from then on. With the support of my husband and family, I became active in my local writing community and ended up serving in my local writing organization, in various offices. Now I am a member in a long-standing, active critique group, and am currently pursuing publication.

A couple of times, I had the opportunity to work as a published author’s assistant, where my duties included constructing and maintaining a website, a mailing list and organizing book tours and publicity. I have also worked as a book reviewer, contributing to many book review and reader sites as well as Romantic Times Magazine. In my spare time, I often accept freelance editing assignments.




7 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Hi, nice website.
    I found my name on your authors’ page. 🙂 Have we met?

  2. I saw you had alot of the same books on Shelfari so I tried to find you on myspace but couldn’t I enjoy your wirtings thanks speakezpress, myspace.

  3. Stephen Barker says:

    Hello there. I saw you on Shelfari, and noticed that you’re also a friend of Travelgirl, like I am.

    I’m actually a writer myself in my spare time, but I’m unpublished, and have a full-time day job, so don’t get much time for writing. It’s actually a crime thriller novel which I’m writing.

    Anyway, I read your profile with interest, and I hope you’ll drop in for a chat sometime.

    See you soon.

  4. Thanks for adding me on facebook. I like your blog and look forward to reading more from you.

  5. lubinisha says:

    Hey.. liked the intro.. I love telling stories too. Infat my mind is always conjuring up stories of sorts! I even dream stories : )…

  6. anniening says:

    I’m loving the sound of this blog 🙂 All of the blogs I’ve seen so far on creative writing (yours included) have been a great inspiration for my own blog, which although quite different from yours, I think is maybe worth just taking a look at? I hope you do, I really like the look of yours and will take the time to read it and be inspired! 🙂


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